Communication and negotiation in business

Communication and negotiation in business

Autors: Dragos C. Vasile

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-394-6

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This book is addressed to students who are preparing in business studies and it aims to develop knowledge and interpersonal skills required in the various facets of their future professional activities. Concepts and principles are presented and are given the right tools to treat communication and negotiation events, which helps to develop interpersonal relationships.
The course is divided into seven chapters, each comprising a number of sections. The first chapter is an introduction to communication theory, organizational communication and negotiation. The next two chapters deal with strategic, business communication skills, written and oral forms of communication commonly used in the organization. Chapters four and five deal with business negotiations, developing sequential structure of the process, that proper preparation and conduct of it. In the last two chapters – six and seven – the focus is on tactics and strategy of distributive negotiation (one object negotiation) and it is also introduced the principle method of negotiation, as an illustration of the integrative orientation.

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