Communication in public administration

Communication in public administration

Autors: Alexandru Tasnadi, Claudia Elena Paicu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-587-2

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In an open society, any organization can claim the right to remain silent or to speak. So, it is subject to inconveniences or advantage of taking its position. It means that the use of Communication and Public Relations is a choice made by any “entity” of a society. If such an „entity” is part of the government (public or private) than Communication becomes necessary for them to become visible in the public area or media.

Communication in Public Administration specifically deals with the elements of communication processes that are taking place in an institutional setting. They deal with issues related to: identity, image, credibility, reputation, personality and crisis management in organizations associated to the Administrative sector. The logic of the work is based on the instrumental paradigm of communication based on interactive circular processes. Particular importance is given to public relations companies through which are made changes of behaviors and attitudes, processes of public education, awareness, etc.

            The book is recommended for students of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management, to graduades who write their undergraduate work, master using communication methods, PhD candidates interested in economic, institutional, financial – banking communication.

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