Editura ASE publishes scientific books and textbooks that fall within the specific fields of our university:


  • Business administration, commerce, consumer sciences and quality management; 
  • Business administration in foreign languages; 
  • Administration and public management; 
  • Economic and financial analysis and evaluation; 
  • Economic cybernetics; 
  • Communication in economics; 
  • Accounting and audit; 
  • Economic doctrines; 
  • Law; 
  • Agrifood and environmental economics; 
  • Economics and economic policies; 
  • Philology - Modern languages and business communication;
  • Philosophy, ethics, logic; 
  • Physical education and sports; 
  • Finance, insurance and stock exchanges; 
  • Geography; 
  • Management informatics; 
  • Economic informatics; 
  • History;  
  • Management; 
  • Marketing; 
  • Mathematics; 
  • Currency, banks; 
  • Intenational business and economics; 
  • Sociology, antropology, psychosociology, politics; 
  • Statistics and econometrics; 
  • Education sciences; 
  • Tourism and services.


The manuscriptes are verified with an antiplagiarism software, and a rigorous peer-review follows. The decision to edit a book takes into account the similarity ratio obtained as a result of the plagiarism check, the result of the scientific evaluation, as well as other aspects (as the target audience, the source of funding, etc.).

The manuscriptes proposed for editing will be sent by email to editura@ase.ro.

To find out specific details for each case, please contact us at the publisher's headquarters.