Economic language and business communication in Romanian

Economic language and business communication in Romanian

Autors: Raluca Nicoleta Serban

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0061-2

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This textbook is designed to help foreign students maximize their Romanian language skills, and to expose them to professional vocabulary and competencies. The first two lectures focus on the difference between formal and informal language and distinguish between formal language on the one hand, and diplomatic language on the other. Lectures 3 and 4 focus on more technical themes: the market economy, the business cycle and types of businesses. Lectures 5 to 7 offer advice on how to produce a EUROPASS CV and letter of application and how to prepare for a job interview. Lecture 8 focuses on general aspects of marketing and advertising, while lecture 9 goes into the particulars of managing a business and management styles, and is supplemented by a focus on cultural differences in lecture 10. Lecture 11 offers an insight into team work and team roles – a skill to be transferred in a wide range of professional contexts, including team projects students will have to deliver in an academic context. Last but not least, the book provides students with a glossary of economic concepts that will prove useful especially for those who will specialize in Economics.


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