Commercial transaction. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged

Commercial transaction. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged

Autors: Nela Popescu

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0099-5

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Commercial transaction, by their nature, can create risks for both buyer and seller. Contents of the contract, the pre and post-contract, socio-economic aspects of payment and financing, are just some examples of cases that generate risk or uncertainty on execution and profitability of the transactions. Parties involved in transactions, as well as market actors, generally speaking, base their decisions on expectations and their anticipated future depend on decisions that they take today.


Take into consideration that in a very narrow meaning a deal seems to be nothing but a sum of financial, operational and human resources involved, hereunder the price variability and the availability of resources on the market generate competition among pretender-owners for acquiring them. But once obtained resources, a business success and successful transactions are the result of the best ways which these ones are used.  Especially because a return to surrender or reorientation decision is not without costs or losses – it’s difficult and/or expensive to convert into cash with a value equivalent to initial one. Under upon rise risks and opportunity cost.


Because in the real world and commercial transactions field, particularly, significant decisions are made in complex and uncertain situational context, this book is a guide for specialists interested in: the mechanism of commercial transactions and transaction cost; policies against competition and unfair competition; intellectual property rights protection and, also, trade secrets protection; the element, purposes and conditions of validity of main commercial contract encountered in commercial transactions filed; usual payment methods and instruments in commercial transactions, including advantages and drawbacks of each party involved in contract; different kinds of transactions, and identification, quantification and management of commercial risks.


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