Tourism challenges for new enlarged Europe

Tourism challenges for new enlarged Europe

Autors: Ed. Gabriela Stanciulescu, Timothy Lee

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-402-8

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This book examines the current situation for Central and Eastern European countries, following their accession to the European Union. The book identifies challenges and opportunities facing the continent in current tourism, using several case studies.

Starting with an analysis of European tourism industry in the perspective of sustainable growth, the paper continues, in Chapter 2, with a deep and systematic examination of the typical tourist resources of ten destinations on the continent. Chapter 3 presents the tourism industry of the three small countries, members of the European Union – Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta.
Chapter 4 provides a substantial description of the business plan for a travel agency, using the example of Star Company in Romania. The next three chapters focuses on the problem of urban development.

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