Modeling influence factors of sustainable urban development

Modeling influence factors of sustainable urban development

Autors: Gabriela Cecilia Stanciulescu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-139-3

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The purpose of this book is the assessment and presentation of how the procedures of sustainable urban development can become effective instruments of local economic development. The problems facing local communities in search of a better future are analyzed in terms of marketing. Like nations, cities can recover from their decline, can revive and recover through  a strategic planning process of the market.
The theme proposed is a new approach to urban development based on scientific principles of marketing. Thus contributing to the implementation of urban marketing concepts on the development of cities in Romania, on an important sample, project is in the scientific community and business efforts of our country, and the local governments in the direction of alignment with European standards of development to sustainable development demands more acute in the last decades.
The project is part of the priority areas of the CNCSIS, namely Socio-economic and Humanist Sciences, by addressing economic issues of urban development, bordering socio-human perspective.  Urban sustainable development is today a prominent feature of the strategy for local economic and social development, in terms of an increased competition among cities to attract human and financial capital of a region.

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