Religion. Culture. Tourism

Religion. Culture. Tourism

Autors: Madalina Lavinia Tala

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-487-5

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This book is addressed mainly to students and specialists in the tourism and religious field, and to all those interested in culture and knowledge, in a loaded field of spirituality as the religious.

The author bring an important contribution by making a pertinent analysis of world religions, religious tourists and religious UNESCO attractions, suggesting definitions, classifications, creating lists and maps, identifying the challenges faced by Romanian religious tourism, as well as possible measures and strategic directions.

The conclusions of the paper focuses on the idea of accepting the universality of religions. Particular elements are nothing more than indisputable spiritual values that become accessible to a larger number of people through religious tourism.  Last, but not least, the paper tries to value the Romanian religious heritage and to make the reader familiar with the variety of choices for anyone who decides to travel to religious sites.

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