Diversification and customization of tourist services in globalization

Diversification and customization of tourist services in globalization

Autors: Andreea Marin-Pantelescu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-251-2

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Globalization, the phenomenon was in full ascent, is characterized by free movement across borders of persons, technology, information and financial capital. It has profound consequences and for the tourist activity, because it involves the displacement of individuals for relaxation, recreation or business, and with them, financial transfers between different states of the world.
Romania has a rich and varied tourist resources, which it offers a great willingness to travel. Capitalizing on their efficiency in the interest of national economy may be a chance to develop our country along with EU integration.
This paper was developed to create a theoretical interest on diversification and customization services for all those interested in this activity. It combines what is known at this time with innovative ideas from marketing research undertaken on tourists.
In support of these statements, this book comprises five chapters structured so that it can be discussed and presented the latest theoretical and practical approaches to solutions in tourist services in the context of globalization.
Consequently, the author contributes to the development of scientific knowledge in the field, because the approach of tourist services in terms of personalization is something original, and the creation of a tourism guide for managers to increase competitiveness is a new thing and good for Romanian tourism, which this time is struggling to survive on the international tourist market.

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