Management for small and medium sized Enterprises

Management for small and medium sized Enterprises

Autors: Amedeo Istocescu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-044-0

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Volume is the author's vision and his understanding in terms of current economic role, the importance of the sectorial and macro-level  concrete place of private small and medium sized enterprises compared to large firms or large size. 
The paper is structured in four chapters.
In the first chapter, "small or medium-sized private company in Romania”, are addressed issues relating to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneur, strategy , intreprenorial management, entrepreneurial organizational culture.  
The second chapter, "practical aspects of managing small and medium sized private organizations, developed both the theoretical issues concerning the business opportunity, business plan evolution in Romania, entrepreneurships evolution, influences of knowledge based economy on entrepreneurships, companies small or medium private functions and applied issues related to micro small business world, strategic decision and strategic planning in small and medium sized private organizations.
The themes presented in the third chapter, "large (and very large) company in Romania”, with focus on entrepreneurships research as a way for functional and managerial restructuring and reorganizing of large and very large scale organizations
The fourth chapter, "Profile of entrepreneur", is one applicative, designed to provide the reader the  understanding of the resorts that appeal in the business world to those who subsequently become successful entrepreneurs. Result of continuing concerns of the author in entrepreneurships field, the volume is an useful tool for students and entrepreneurs, managers, and management consultants. 

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