Deontology of communication.

Deontology of communication.

Autors: Angela Rogojanu

Year of appearance: 2005

ISBN: 973-594-635-1

Size: 14,8/21 cm

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Deontology imposes its duties on communicators and individuals in general. The economic communication practitioner need the support of the public for different programs and policies, as the public interest is the main criterion according to which they should select the programs and policies. This practitioner must have the courage to say NO to a client or to refuse a program that is misleading.

Professor Rogojanu's course brings in the sphere of confrontation of ideas the notion of ethics, as opposed to those of value, morals, duty, or deontology. It suggests the principles that the student – a future economist and, why not, a communicator - must follow in order to have an impeccable conduct. And ethics is about what is acceptable in this conduct.

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