Deontology of communication. Applications and case studies

Deontology of communication. Applications and case studies

Autors: Angela Rogojanu, Alexandru Tașnadi, Grigore Piroșcă

Year of appearance: 2005

ISBN: 973-594-655-6

Size: 14,8/21 cm

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This collection seeks to challenge the reader to think and comment on professional ethics violations and to relate them to norms and codes of ethics. Starting with the preface of the course "Deontology of Communication" and ending with its last topic, the reader can realize that the ethical aspect of communication stems from the necessity to tell the truth. This is the reason why the author of the mentioned course tells us about "pleasant lies" and "hard truths". Communication, meant to bring about change, must be based on its power of seduction while respecting the truth.

According to the authors, if we have any reason to doubt certain facts that have been reported to us, we shall act on the principle: "Check, check and check again", while constantly taking into account the messages transmitted by our deontological codes.

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