Agile information architecture in collaborative business environment

Agile information architecture in collaborative business environment

Autors: Marinela Mircea

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-34-0025-4

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The present paper gradually debates the agility of organization through different approaches: collaboration, as a means of increasing the agility of organization, BPM (Business Process Management) for the orchestration of independent functionalities, SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) for the architectural design and the implementation of these functionalities, the decisional framework and the Collaborative Business Intelligence for the management of decision making within organization, software development methodologies for breaking the barriers and limits of some information systems, standards for insuring the software quality.

The volume is gradually, concisely and coherently elaborated, regarding both organizational aspects (business models, inter-organizational processes, knowledge management, decisional frame, architectures etc.) and technological aspects as well (the methodological approaches and the described development methods). The suggested architecture comprises eight chapters, each chapter emphasizing complex issues, but also standing as a premise for the development of the next ones.


This book regards both specialists in the information field who are preoccupied by the development of software systems, as well as the beneficiaries of these systems. At a methodological level, the suggested general solutions offer an alternative that mainly concerns organizations that want to exploit the opportunities offered by the collaborative environment in order to increase agility. The importance of the research results is pointed out by the steps that can be taken towards computerization through the suggested methods of development, integration, testing and validation.



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