Innovative management

Innovative management

Autors: Liviu Mihail Baloiu, Corina Frasineanu, Ioan Frasineanu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-015-0

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The paper presents the innovation, with several aspects, its definition and related concepts, implementation on economic activity and entrepreneurship.
A chapter is dedicated to innovative ideas sources (quality circles, suggestion boxes, Intranet - a modern version of the suggestion boxes), other various types of innovation (product innovation, process innovation).
We find in the book both  basic understanding of human role in innovation process, and specialized data on the company - features innovative companies, the firm's technological strategy, useful techniques innovative firms (foreign intelligence collection and processing, collection and organization of information processing elements of forecasting and prospective).
The authors have made, for illustration, numerous practical examples, which in a very pleasant reading may help students and all categories of stakeholders.
The book ends with information on the notion of quality (definition, ways of achievement) and research and development, assessment and research-development costs.

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