The Public Sector Economy

The Public Sector Economy

Autors: Constantin Popescu (coord.), Magdalena Platis, Monica Dudian, Marius Profiroiu, Alina Profiroiu, Nicolae Moroianu, Marilena Papuc, Mirela Ionela Aceleanu, Daniela Virjan, Cristina Raluca Popescu, Simona Busoi

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-419-6

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Phenomena and processes that exist in the economy of the human society in the private and public economy are studied by economics to understand what is happening in this area of our world and, especially, why this is happening.

The manual presents in terms of economics, the place and role of the public sector in the economy of the human society, where the government is an economic agent producer of public goods and services, of rules for the proper functioning of the economic and social life, of public policies to harmonize excesses and deficits in the manifestation of the economic agents` behaviours. Also, the paper presents what is happening in the public economy compared to the private economy and highlights both the common climates and those arising from the specific nature of elections in this area in terms of limitation and uncertainty.

This academic manual is part of a WHOLE DIDACTIC, it being accompanied by a Notebook of the Student and of the Seminar Professor of the Public Sector Economy, published by ASE Publishing House in 2010, thus resulting the scientific information necessary for the knowledge of the public economy and appropriate methodology for interpreting phenomena and processes in this area, to conduct discussions, comparative analysis and case studies.

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