Marketing research in global context

Marketing research in global context

Autors: Diana Maria Vranceanu

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-764-7

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            The book Cercetãri de marketing în context global (Marketing research in global context) highlights the usefulness of marketing research in setting some international decisions, that are extremely complex, caused both by the high level of uncertainty specific to the environment in which they are adopted and by the numerous differences (cultural, economic, technological, legal ) compared with the domestic market. In applying the research methods in international marketing, it is not sufficient to translate them from the domestic market and to implement in the foreign markets, adjustments in the research process being required, in order to ensure equivalence of measurement and comparability of data.
            The paper is divided in nine chapters, organized according to the stages of marketing research process. It highlights the peculiarities of some methods used to collect and analyze data in international studies, showing the directions to be followed when the organization wants to obtain information from a foreign market. Conducting marketing research at international level is much more difficult than at internal level, due to the variable availability of secondary sources, the difficulty in assessing their accuracy, the complexity of obtaining primary data, the need to ensure comparability between studies conducted in several countries, and the longer period of time needed for obtaining information.

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