Logistics of designing regional development

Logistics of designing regional development

Autors: Gheorghe Manolescu, Nicolae Istudor

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-941-9

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The contents of this book is focused on issues of logistics projects, which means interactional approach to all phases and stages of achievement projects, harmonization of time, resources and activities involved in this achievement.

Regional development by projects allows the achievement for a rational and efficient allocation of resources according to priorities the development of regions. Ensuring the appropriate logistics for different type of projects and regional conditionalities can be achieved by project management, based on a set of general principles and specific principles each component of the project. It is also considering the possible risks which may affect the quality of projects, timely realization of their, lending, financial risks  often representing  essential component of risk in projects.

Logistics projects of regional development must be based on a participatory dialogue which to lead to a representation of the projective future, promoting the following principles: collective action and local partnerships, cooperation between local areas within the regional network, evaluation of opportunity, effectiveness, sustainability of regional development projects.

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