Leaders, leadership and organization based on knowledge

Leaders, leadership and organization based on knowledge

Autors: Marian Nastase

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-892-4

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The work of Mr. Assoc. Dr. Marian Nastase enroll in the richest collection of ASE Publishing House, "Management".
Structured in nine chapters and an ample bibliography, the book deals with issues of particular interest, current in the literature, such as those related to basic concepts of leadership (context, relationship leadership – management and leadership – knowledge based organization, mechanisms, styles, strategic leadership) and the aiming concept of leaders (such as leaders, their credibility, their role in organizational culture).

The book emphasizes a modern approach on the economy and knowledge based organization, highlighting the role of knowledge based management in transforming the organization into a competitive one. Leaders are those who construct and develop knowledge-based organization. This type of organization requires a special recovery of human resources, because for the development of organization, every idea counts.

Leaders are those who relate and collaborate with members of the organization. They have the force necessary to penetrate deeply into the organizational culture, promoting lifelong learning, the generation, sharing and using knowledge necessary to achieve organizational objectives. By their actions, leaders not only promotes its own principles and values but those around them. Debt-and everyone is to improve his knowledge and to apply values of their own style of leadership, to ensure performance.
As the author shows: Leader = values + motivation + learning + effort + love for others. "It's hard, but it worth it!" says he, in the end of the preface to the book  „Leaders, leadership and knowledge based organization”.

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