General Ecology

General Ecology

Autors: Florina Bran, Ildiko Ioan

Year of appearance: 2004

ISBN: 973-594-564-9

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Ability of company, of its economic mechanisms, to influence the environment and systems that organize it grew enormously. Influence is desired, the empire need to control the unfavorable factors, but also undesirable side effect of appearing as the socio-economic activities. Such developments have brought public attention to environmental issues.
In this context, the "General Ecology" course aims to provide the future specialists in environmental management, agrifood economy, the public interest, those involved directly in the actions of environmental and ecological reconstruction, relevant information regarding how to organize ecological systems, factors that condition the maintenance or destruction balances.
In selecting the very broad information material, used in recent decades as support in economic and environmental litigation placed local, regional and global, permanent contact with researchers and teachers, specialists know to the forefront of environmental protection activities but also with students was an indispensable contribution.
Always making the connection between ecology and economy, we believe that we managed to make place in the work as an economist for ecological issues. This completion of an economist knowledge will benefit both ecology and economic.

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