Cultures compared. Comparative Management

Cultures compared. Comparative Management

Autors: Amedeo Istocescu

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-299-4

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The book offers to the reader a more accurate and complete understanding of the cultures studied, by deciphering the influences they induce on the economy and the management, by including chapters devoted to various countries, regions, cultural, economic and geographical areas which may be considered broadly source of culture and civilization and so creative of a particular way of "doing" management.

In this periplus among cultures and civilizations, this book of soul is the accomplishment of the project to show that the world is a mirror of culture, a reflex of civilization and that we are the ones that must bow before their perennial evolution. And the role of management is to decipher, understand, adapt and use, above all, the springs of culture and the forms through it manifests itself fully.

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