Communication and motivation in public administration

Communication and motivation in public administration

Autors: Silvia Elena Iacob (coord.), Constantin Ciprian Iacob, Gheorghe Sebastian Iacob

Year of appearance: 2022

ISBN: 978-606-34-0338-5

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 129

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The book is aimed at several categories of people. The main target group is students from the bachelor's and master's and doctoral cycles, the information coming as a cornerstone for the studies underlying their training as professionals. Moreover, for PhD students, the paper can be regarded as a starting topic for new researches that have as a source of documentation for the field in question. The actuality of the data contained in the work are necessary for the adoption and appropriation of some basic concepts specific to the field of activity. Subsequently, but just as importantly, civil servants are targeted. This fact is due to the actuality of the subject, the work containing elements that sketch a concrete overview on the basis of which new directions of orientation can be drawn. The facts reported have as their score the orientation of investments in an area that maximizes the effort of human and financial capital, an additional argument for motivating the targeted groups in order to deepen the information contained in the studies in this book.

This book aims to capture the explanatory sequences representative of a broader and as comprehensive elaboration as possible by integrating the essential details of the object of study in question, of the concepts specific to the public field of communication. The main source of creation in this case consisted in describing the processes of communication of public agents with the different parts of interest. In the analysis we have specified the elements of functionality, as well as those of dysfunctionality, the latter being followed by a rigorous set of recommendations meant to bring added value to the process and to orient the modernization activity in a specific direction of the modern world that focuses decisively on the digital side of communication between the different actors involved in economic and social activity.  Starting from the specification that the main condition in any successful organization, regardless of the form of organization or the legal status, is communication, this paper analyzes the parity between the quality of the interaction processes in relation to the technical and scientific progress. The issuance of value judgments of a priori character is, in this case, possible with the help of experiences from other areas of interest that have provided a specific and well-delimited theoretical framework, with the help of which, the authors could develop rules of ethical, professional and deontological conduct aimed at improving the activity of implementation, coordination and administration of personal or inter-institutional communication acts.

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