Treatise Database, volume 2

Treatise Database, volume 2

Autors: Ion Lungu (coordonator), Anca Andreescu, Adela Bara, Anda Belciu, Constanta Bodea, Iuliana Botha, Vlad Diaconita, Alexandra Florea, Cornelia Gyorodi

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-472-1, 978-606-505-862-0 ISBN vol 2

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This book is addressed especially to undergraduate and graduate students and also to IT specialists who want to deepen their knowledge in the vast the database field. We assume that they are familiar with data models and data structures and have mastered the basics of programming. Different approaches for building complete and optimized applications are detailed. The chapters are self-contained allowing tailoring to the needs of each reader.

In the first part, the focus is on database management systems based on the relational model and on the ways of ensuring their integrity and security. In the following chapters, we discuss systems based on the object-oriented model, distributed systems, and geographic systems.

We discuss issues related to languages, architectures and evaluation criteria for various database management systems.

XML is described in detail, along with its validation schemes: DTD and XML Schema. Languages for transforming and querying XML documents, such as XPath, XSLT and XQuery are presented along with libraries and interfaces for their handling.

We show the characteristics and the architectures of parallel systems, types of parallelism, partitioning techniques, algorithms for parallel joins and query optimization.

We describe data warehouse systems and multidimensional data analysis systems which are complex solutions that can provide consistent information for better decision making in a company.


Most chapters are accompanied by at least a case study, usually built using Oracle solutions, and a selected bibliography which can be used for a better understanding of the chapter.

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