Quality assessment of text entities: Theory and Practice

Quality assessment of text entities: Theory and Practice

Autors: Marius Popa

Year of appearance: 2005

ISBN: 973-594-712-9

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The objective of this work consists in achieving a system of indicators for different text structures.
The need for developing this work is a very large diversity of the data types, of the modes of representation, of the computer applications, the extent of the processes for assessing the text entities, tht fields of human activity in which information and communication technologies tends to occupy a central place.

Treating text and programs source as data generates a new view on the analysis computer applications, as it applies equally to items, software and data sets, that are only apparently different. All these are represented by data structures with varying degrees of interdependence.

Bibliography which was the basis for documenting this work contains specialized works of romanian and foreign literature. Some titles are written by the author of this book, and the scientific communications were presented at professional conferences and symposia.
This includes books published in Romania and abroad, documentation from Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard. Journal articles studied constitute a special documentary basis, because the problems addressed concern total management of data quality, metrics data, techniques and methods to ensure data quality.

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