The health system in Romania in the European context

The health system in Romania in the European context

Autors: Mihaela Cristina Dragoi

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-367-0

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The present book aims to provide an analysis and comparison of the most representative health care systems in Europe, using empirical data on health care issues, a methodology of systematic enquiry and qualitative evaluations. The objective is to draft a bridge across the gap between academic research and the needs of health care policy-makers, and to suggest the paths to feasible solutions fitting the Romanian requirements for an optimized healthcare system and speedier implementation of reform and structural change.
The seven chapters in the book cover health care and quality of life, a comparative economic analysis of healthcare systems in the European Union in a global-to-national approach, with a discussion of both theoretical concepts and applications; an evaluation of the current state of the Romanian health system, based on a survey of medical staff and patients opinions; a theoretical construct of reform and optimization variables; proposal for a method of measuring the efficiency of health policies, based on the comparative analysis of the main economic-health-state indicators; an application of the method in a case study of the national vaccination campaign for the prevention of cervical cancer (HPV virus).

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