Event marketing. Fairs and expozitions

Event marketing. Fairs and expozitions

Autors: Daniel Moise

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-807-1

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The book deals with a distinct field of real importance to the event marketing perspective, where  fairs and exhibitions are major means of entering new markets and launching new products and services by presenting them to the potential or actual customers. The author presents typology and classification of fairs / exhibitions relying on several of their attributes and also analyzes the reasons and objectives of exhibitors that participate in national and international events.

 It is explained how segmentation, targeting, positioning and new trends of the organizations participating in fairs / exhibitions work, as well as the use of marketing mix. Strategies and tactics to be used in internal marketing, team management and processes for creating exhibition stand design and atmosphere are minutely described. The book is addressed to both the costs and budget planning of the organizations that perform, exhibit or just participate as guests in various fairs and exhibitions.

 The paper highlights the utility of traditional marketing research and the use of neuromarketing to the foundation level managerial decisions to increase the impact and success of participation in fairs and exhibitions, without omitting feedback assessment and, at the same time, creating databases of potential / effective customers, or new business partners.

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