Principles of Services Marketing

Principles of Services Marketing

Autors: Iuliana Cetina, Violeta Radulescu

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0138-1

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The service sector represents in any developed economy a major weight from the viewpoint of labor employment and also from the viewpoint of resources that make the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of a country. The effective and fast development of this sector represents a competitive advantage that any economy at the world level wishes.

The employment of the marketing policies and strategies in this sector, both at the micro and the macro level is not only a wish but also probably the most effective way of fast and effective development. That is why the deep study of the branch of service marketing represent a present topic of great significance for the development of any economy, and why not, of human society.

The work ”Principles of Marketing Services” worked out by two reputed specialist in the field Professors Iuliana Cetina and Violeta Radulescu is one of the first coherent achievements in English in the Romanian literature.

The approach of the problems of the service marketing makes the scientific pursuit of the authors even more interesting, the work being addressed both to the students studying marketing and the public at large who wish to familiarize with the important concept in the field of the service marketing.

The success of scientific endeavor worked out by the two reputed specialist is founded on an individual study that has extended over several years, a study that had a final result an important number of scientific papers on this field, published in the country and abroad.

The work published in English includes twelve chapters and manages a reasonable number of pages to explain the most important areas of marketing field. Starting from the explanation of some introductory concepts and of those that differentiate this specialization in marketing science, the work shows the most important elements, by which the service marketing mix is different from the ”classic” marketing mix. 

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