Nutrition and goods hygiene

Nutrition and goods hygiene

Autors: Dorin Vicentiu Popescu

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 973-594-879-6 /978-973-594-879-5

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The book "Nutrition and goods hygiene", registered in the "Mercury" collection, deals with topical issue in terms of a market economy, when the consumer becomes the central axis of economic activity.
Human nutrition and its influence on health, and risks that may involve environmental and technological factors are the current concerns of all areas of activity involved in satisfying consumer demands.
Designed in 12 chapters, the book begins with "Projections for the evolution of agriculture and food in the world", as being related to the topics presented in the consumer food safety, biological human-food relations, culinary typology, catering system and ensure the safety and innocuousness of the products in public catering.

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