Multilateralism and regionalism in the context of globalization

Multilateralism and regionalism in the context of globalization

Autors: Irina Tobosaru

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-081-5

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The theme of the book, motivated by changes occurring nowadays, is subject to conflicting debates on globalization. The paper is structured in four chapters.
Chapter I reveals the main dimensions of globalization (economic, cultural, ecological) insisting on the economic one, the second chapter deals with the multilateral trading system, under many aspects: fundamentals, institutionalization of the GATT-WTO, negotiating rounds results in decades, reducing trade barriers, promote trade liberalization and more.
Chapter III deals with regional integration, emphasizing the types and forms (historical, geographical) regional integration, and Chapter IV synthesizes opinions, trying to answer the question: trends of regionalism and multilateralism are conflicting or complementary, in terms of contemporary globalization?
The book is a study for reflecting on the complexity and diversity of contemporary global phenomena in the economy, presenting interest for all those who want to know better how globalization, along with processes that occur in connection with this, work and bring more benefits globally, regionally, nationally and individually.

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