Introduction to accounting. Second edition

Introduction to accounting. Second edition

Autors: Camelia I. Lungu, Chirata Caraiani, Cornelia Dascalu

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-34-0095-3

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The book Introduction to accounting presents the accounting as a reporting system that collects economic information, records it according to specific procedures, analyzes and interprets information and reports it to a wide range of users. Although accounting involves mastering specific techniques, we believe that the purpose of this discipline is to help internal and external users to understand the effects of transactions and other events on the financial position and performance of the economic entity. Therefore, along with the accounting judgments and accounting treatment of common transactions, we have introduced aspects of presenting and analyzing the accounting information. By checking the knowledge at the end of each chapter we encourage readers to form their work habits and discover the usefulness of the studied material.


Using a friendly and comprehensible language, the book is designed to contribute to the construction and modelling of professional judgment, encouraging free development of the economic entity's accounting policies. It is a useful tool that equally addresses students, researchers in higher education institutions and all specialists interested in this domain.




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