Autors: Editor Sergiu Balan

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-736-4

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"ECONOMIC ANTHROPOLOGY. A Reader” represents a premiere in the field of this discipline in Romania, where, until now, there is still no translation of any fundamental text of economic anthropology. It brings together important works belonging to canonical authors in this subject area, such as Stephen Gudeman, Raymond Firth George Dalton, Robbins Burling, Edward E. LeClair and Scott Cook.

The texts in the reader are grouped into two categories. The first category (more comprehensive) includes studies, articles and chapters of larger works that deal with methodological aspects of economic anthropology, especially its relations with economics, focusing on the idea of complementarity between the two disciplines. The second category includes works that represent applications, i.e. investigations of specific aspects of economic life in different cultures and geographic regions (such as exchange, production, conspicuous consumption), that use the methodological perspective of economic anthropology. The first category of texts is of interest mainly for students and researchers who are closer to economic sciences, while the second category of texts is more interesting for those who come from the field of anthropology and the social sciences and humanities.

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