Business law. Contracts

Business law. Contracts

Autors: Florentina Camelia Stoica

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-560-5

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For preparing the present paper the legislation enacted until April 2012 was taken under consideration.
The present book appeared due to the natural request to update the institutions of the obligations and contracts, from the perspective of the New Civil Code.
The lecture offers the economy students an instrument, which, for starters, ensures the ever so necessary information, for the business law domain, a mandatory discipline for all the economy students within the A.S.E.
Being destined foremost to the economy students, the lecture represents a basic tool for appropriating the information that forms the “contractual matter” without pretending to exhaustively present all the theoretical and practical legal problems of this matter.
This book is, at the same time, a challenge for new reflections in presenting the different types of contracts, from the perspective of the New Civil Code.

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