Contract Law. Lecture Notes

Contract Law. Lecture Notes

Autors: Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru

Year of appearance: 2020

ISBN: 978-606-34-0343-9

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 111

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            This book wants to be a teaching tool for students studying Contract Law in English, a book on comparative contract law, which it is focused mainly on the Romanian law, but it is written in English for those who study, teach, work in Romania, but in environments where English is the main language.

            It has as main objective the presentation of the most important aspects of contracts with the clear purpose to help students, professionals or scholars to engage easily in business relations and understand better the specific principles and provisions of contract law.

            As a result, there it might be an opinion that it analyses the international contract and we cannot ignore the fact that there are more cross-border transactions, but, as we all also know, international contracts refers to the legally binding agreements between parties where they have a foreign element, but, as most of the contracts are not international and the law applicable to the formation and performance is a national one, professionals need to develop skills in understanding contracts and their national law applicability, so it projects as introduction in the Romanian contract law with comparative views on other legal systems and a final chapter on the Europeanisation of contract law.

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