Advertisement. History, codes, functioning

Advertisement. History, codes, functioning

Autors: Maria Ana Oprescu

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0102-2

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The book has seven chapters. The first chapter opens with a short history of advertising since the 4th century before Christ and ends with a presentation of the Romanian advertising of the last two and a half decades. Chapter two is dedicated to the advertising types and mediums. Chapter three named “Le langage universel de la publicité” (The international language of advertising) presents more than a walk-through of the advertising language.This chapter presents a history of the universal languages from old Greek and Latin up to the modern English spoken by non-native speakers going through “the angels’ language” and the Mediterranean Lingua Franca (sabir).

Chapter four deals with the advertising image, presenting a few models of analysing it.

Chapter five presents the persuasion mechanisms used in advertising.

Chapter six makes an analysis of the mechanisms of persuasion especially the rhetorical elements and chapter seven presents advertising as a communication process underlining the importance of transmitter, receiver and channel.

The whole demonstration is supported by many examples of images and advertising texts in Romanian, French, Spanish and English. The work presents the advertising phenomena as a modern communication form and will prove to be very useful, we hope, to those interested in marketing and advertising as a very complex and proteiform phenomena.

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