The history of Paralympic Games

The history of Paralympic Games

Autors: Neluta Smidu

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-838-5

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The history of Paralympic Games is the history of the human civilization, of the care and love for life.

 The respect for the persons with disabilities, the care and help for them are important signs of progress of society and civilization. The Paralympic Games created a new platform for the people of disabilities from all around the world, so they can make their dreams come true. We must continue to promote the humanism, to protect the rights and the interests of the people with disabilities, to ensure their future implication in society, allowing them to enjoy the social and political developments that everyone enjoys.

 The history of the Paralympic Games shows fundamental human values: dignity, courage, perseverance, and the overcoming the limits that people, marginalized by the discourse and social issues, put emphasis on.



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