Handball Basics

Handball Basics

Autors: Cristina Hantau, Cezar Gheorghe Hantau

Year of appearance: 2012

ISBN: 978-606-505-553-7

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This book is divided into 12 chapters, presented in 116 pages. The bibliography comprises a total of 29 titles from romanian and international literature.
In addition to traditional aspects treated in many handball books, such as technical and tactical game in attack and defense, forms and systems game, appearing under the title of novelty and issues related injuries that may occur in the game of handball, and a relatively new branch of this sport - the beach-handball.

A special attention is given in this editorial approach to the  methodology of teaching handball at school:  aims, tasks and resources contained in specific steps for an efficient management structure of teaching and learning contents of school education.

The authors presented a suitable theme, actual and necessary, covering a diverse knowledge base containing a formative, informative and practical knowledge.

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