Teaching economic disciplines. Portfolio seminars / Second Edition

Teaching economic disciplines. Portfolio seminars / Second Edition

Autors: Maria Elena Druta, Cornelia Grunberg

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 973-594-792-7 /978-973-594-792-7

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"Teaching economic disciplines" is a subject which the students learn in the third year, completing the pedagogical training of future teachers, by offering certain types of reasoning methodology for knowledge structures, especially in the economic disciplines.
The paper points out, in the opening, the objectives of this discipline of education, followed by introductory seminar, including: issues for discussion, problems of reflection and effective laws on the status of teachers and quality education.
The book is divided into three parts, each comprising several themes, definitions of the specific terms, with explanations, classifications, schemes and examples.
The manual is very well structured, providing students with a material extremely accessible and useful.

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