Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education

Autors: Mihai Diaconu

Year of appearance: 2004

ISBN: 973-594-532-0

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Under the heading "Sociology of Education" author has gathered – in addition to topics that are traditionally addressed by this branch of science education – some issues regarding psychosociology  and childcare training courses.
The purpose of this paper is to contribute to a better initial training of future teachers, through the formation of professional competencies, which the other modules included in the educational plans of DPPD can not proposes as a priority, due to time study it is allocated and the specific angle from which is treated, usually, the problem of teaching profession.
Interested reader find answers to many of the practical problems they will face in school practice. We refer, especially, in matters such as: organizational culture of the school, "health" school organizations, organizational climate, group class students as socio-educational, school and community, leadership educational groups, but all issues addressed in the paper presents a real interest to prospective teachers, as well as for those who pursue a teaching profession. Each chapter content and applications for each topic.

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