Study and consumer protection

Study and consumer protection

Autors: Mihai Teodor Negrea, Lelia Voinea

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-734-0

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The book STUDY AND CONSUMER PROTECTION addresses both experts and practitioners involved in production and trading of commodity or in the protection of rights and interests of consumers. It is also addressed to economic students as well as to everyone interested in social and economic issues raised by the interaction between humans and commodity.
The end of the XX-th century reinforced the idea announced a few decades earlier by some scientists, that the future of humanity depends to a great extent by the way in which the nature and its resources will be treated. This consideration is based on the fact that, at the beginning of the XXI-st Century, consumers and consumption behavior tend to stay in the center of economic and political life.
Based on this fact, along with the presentation of the evolution of consumer rights and consumer protection, approached as an articulated system of laws, institutions and mechanisms, this book brings in the foreground a newer dimension of consumer issue, the one of the social responsibility.
Sensitive relationship between diet and health (focusing on issues related to energy balance, nutrient requirements, benefits and risks of current foodstuffs supply), labeling of food and non-food products, approached as the main source of information and consumer choice guidance, the implications of the Internet as a medium for information and/or socialization are other topics presented in STUDY AND CONSUMER PROTECTION. Thus, it can be considered a landmark in ensuring a viable basic education for all individuals regarding the issues of the contemporary consumption and also a prerequisite for a fair balance between supplier and customer in the aspects related to consumers’ education and information.

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