Software Quality and Testing: Case Studies

Software Quality and Testing: Case Studies

Autors: Madalina Zurini, Alin Zamfiroiu

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0161-9

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The book Software Quality and Testing: Case Studies includes a description of the main design patterns models as well as the module of unit testing of the source code.


The aim of this book is to help the programmer to understand through examples how to use design patterns used for object oriented programming. This paper addresses two real world examples and illustrates the main design patterns through the implementation and use description.

For unit testing, JUnit library is used. This library is designed to test Java source code.


The book is addressed to developers, beginners or experienced, working in larger teams or individual programmers who want to learn or become better in writing quality, efficient, and easy to change code.



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