School Psychology

School Psychology

Autors: Filimon Turcu

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-007-5

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Third edition of this book comes to support, not only Academy students, but also the persons involved in the teaching-educational process. School psychologist studying the psychological point of view of teaching-learning process, with the ultimate aim to increase its effectiveness, the author surprising different stages and aspects of educational activities.
The book presents and analyzes both fundamental problems and psychological aspects of education, and psycho-pedagogical problems. Speech by the author is heading not only to "knowledge", but to share, teaching communication purposes, as the main instrument of the training effort and student personality development and optimization of pedagogical act.
Among the various topics of the course, teaching communication concepts develop teaching about communication in its specificity, but now the reader is led to the idea of communication between people, throwing a new light on the psychology of the individual.

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