RIA Application Development

RIA Application Development

Autors: Andrei Toma, Radu Constantinescu, Mihai Pricope, Floarea Nastase

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-290-1

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The present book is aimed at web applications programmers with C# knowledge and is built around the construction of applications with a rich interface with a back-end based on data access web services. The necessity of such an approach derives from the ease of use gained through the use of RIA clients when compared to clients built on the classical request-response paradigm. The client has been developed in Adobe FLEX, a mature technology for RIA application development, while the server is written in Asp.net and C# with the data stored on a MS SQL database server.

The book  approaches the issues of constructing and customizing a FLEX interface oriented towards ease of use, data access through web services, defining custom components, external service mash-up etc. On the server-side development part, we approach the construction of web services and C# data access, as well as other more advanced issues such as constructing and using results in raw XML.

The content of the book cover the construction of RIA applications over data services, allowing the construction of complex applications. Apart from the subjects related to the actual construction of a medium complexity application, we approach more advanced issues, such as reduction of coupling and elements of security.

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