Knowledge Management for the enterprise leardership

Knowledge Management for the enterprise leardership

Autors: Violeta Mihaela Dinca

Year of appearance: 2014

ISBN: 978-606-505-828-6

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This book is destined for Master students in the first year within at the Faculty of Business Administration, in foreign languages (the German section) in order to understand the ways in which knowledge management solutions can be used to create economic value.


In the first three chapters of the volume there are addressed topics related to the types of knowledge and their evolution in the contemporary society, and also the role of the knowledge economy in developing a strong entrepreneurial culture. The author insists on new terms specific to this discipline, which can be easily understood by the reader because of rich exemplification.

Chapters four and five present interdisciplinary aspects concerning the connections between knowledge economy and disciplines such as philosophy or political science. Thanks to the wealth of information, but also due to the inclusion of case studies, the textbook's content is appropriate to the master's level.
The last chapter includes key aspects of various modes of knowledge representation, covering the curriculum, but also adding information to stimulate the readers' interest for further reading in this scientific area.

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