Fundamentals of the Economy of Enterprise.Theory and exercises

Fundamentals of the Economy of Enterprise.Theory and exercises

Autors: Alecxandrina Deaconu, Tatiana Segal, Anca Bogdan

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-484-4

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Current economic developments which are increasingly complex and unpredictable require knowledge of the enterprise functioning, as basic links of a nation, both in the economic and social field. The book that we propose brings its contribution to claryifing some basic concepts in an entreprise,  the development of skills that are essential to the individual and collective succes.

The main objectives that the authors pursue and suggest interrest two key issues: 1) to give the readers a global overview on contemporary business, on its functions, on its role in modern society, on the evolution of economic theories, as a whole; 2) to provide a framework for understanding the internal mechanisms and  principles underlying the function of the enterprise as a system.

Fundamentals of the Economy of Enterprise is a direct contribution to the  progress, effectiveness  and  organizational efficiency through its content, through the theoretical documentation carried out, through the authors writing talent as well as the logical, clear and attractive style used by the authors

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