Allgemeine Finanzlehre (General finances)

Allgemeine Finanzlehre (General finances)

Autors: Robert Paiusan, Lavinia-Stefania Totan, Mihaela Mocanu, Ramona Mihaela Bazgan

Year of appearance: 2019

ISBN: 978-606-34-0271-5

Size: 17/24 cm

Pages: 164

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The "Allgemeine Finanzlehre" (General Finance  in German) is the third revised edition of this book. It is addressed to students from the Bucharest University of  Economic Studies, Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages.

The book includes 13 chapters addressing the main issues in the sphere of public finance, such as: the functions and role of finance in the economy, public revenues, public spending, budgetary system, public credit, tax system and major types of taxes, finance theories.

This book explores a rich bibliography, consisting of German, English and Romanian papers  and includes the translation of about 300 German-Romanian specialty terms.

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