International Trade Vol. II Commercial Policy and the Perspective of Economic Development

International Trade Vol. II Commercial Policy and the Perspective of Economic Development

Autors: Dumitru Miron, Valentin Cojanu (coordonatori)

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-505-775-3/ 978-606-34-0165-7 Vol.II

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In this paper, the authors started from the premise that the entire global trading system must position themselves correctly in relation to the challenges fueled by the fragmentation of production processes, the progress of the configuration of mega-trade arrangements preferential paradigm shift in the logic of multilateralism trade and the persistence with which the various different national economies integrate into the global economy.

Throughout the paper the authors advocating the idea that it is still obvious that cross-border trade remains an important driver of development processes, their analysis should be reported to the major commands defining a business environment in which changing from secondary and tertiary sectors in the quaternary.

The paper is a plea for the idea that open markets do not require us to compromise on fundamental principles such as human rights and sustainable development worldwide or regulations on safety and environmental and high-quality public services.

Pleading authors go towards public policies, in this case the trade must become responsible for me that is to be more efficient, transparent and reflect the interests of various societal actors attached and values they must believe them. Readers are invited to understand why trade and trade policy more effective means constantly updated to continue to provide economic opportunities.

The work is written in the logic of a new conceptual approach, analytical and methodological depending on which trade policy can solve better defining issues for the economy of the current period such as the shift from markets to networks, the emergence of global chains of value, increased cross-border flows of services, online commerce, intellectual capital movements.

The chapters of this work are written and belief of the authors that efficiency also means that trade policy will guarantee consumers, workers and small businesses that can take full advantage of more open markets and adaptable which can fuel consumer confidence in products they buy.

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