Innovation, scientific research, technical progress

Innovation, scientific research, technical progress

Autors: Sanda Visan, Ligia Florica Botez

Year of appearance: 2008

ISBN: 978-606-505-023-5

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Course (lecture) of innovation, scientific research, technical progress is for both students (especially those in the first year of the Faculty of Commerce), and those interested in innovation and scientific research activity.
The book is structured in seven chapters: Introduction, creativity, innovation, scientific research, management of scientific research, technical progress, emerging technologies presents issues related to technical progress, innovation and creative act in coordinated set by the European Union documents.
Special attention is given to concepts of innovation - the dominant source of competitive advantage and creativity - with its defining traits: novelty, originality, efficiency, productivity, and methods and techniques to stimulate creativity.
Economy of the future - knowledge-based economy - is a new concept addressed in the contents of the paper, which integrates innovation, information society and human capital.
This course aims to contribute to the modern education of student economist for activities primarily creative, apply new technics and technologies.

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