Elements of economics and policy of  international trade

Elements of economics and policy of international trade

Autors: Sorin Burnete

Year of appearance: 2007

ISBN: 978-973-594-957-0

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The book begins with an overview of the mercantilist doctrine, which preceded the modern economic thinking, continuing with the explaination of Adam Smith’s conception, representing the "English school", who promoted classical liberalism. More realistic theory of David Ricardo, the theory of relative advantage, as the principle of comparative advantage, are stated and demonstrated systematically, including detailed examples, figures, etc.
The second chapter analyzes the Ricardian model of type 2x2 and the contributions of neoclassical school to economic theory and practice, illustrated with concrete examples.
Other topics discussed in this volume are: the history of state intervention in the foreign economic relations, classification of customs duties, quantitative and non-tariff barriers, import quotas etc.
Advancing in time, is remarkable protective regime and, after World War II, multilateral negotiations and occurrence of trade-related international organizations. The latter are dealt individually and in detail, stating the role and work of each.
International trade, from the beginning until now, industrial revolutions, globalization of markets, expansion of foreign direct investment and many other topics are discussed in the last part of this very interesting book.

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