Economics, vol.1: Microeconomics, 2nd, revised edition

Economics, vol.1: Microeconomics, 2nd, revised edition

Autors: Anca Dachin

Year of appearance: 2016

ISBN: 978-606-34-0109-1

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Volkswirtschaftslehre, Band 1: Mikroökonomik (in English, Economics, vol.1: Microeconomics) is a textbook for readers that are interested in the knowledge and proper utilization of basic concepts in economics. The book explains the behaviour of economic agents at microeconomic level, the functioning of the market, the factors that determine decisions of consumers (preferences, income, prices etc.) and of producers (production factors, production cost, market price, conditions for making profit etc.), as well as the way prices are set in markets with different types of competition. The book also presents efficiency limits of markets and aspects of economic policy of the government with impact on prices and resource allocation.

The systematic presentation of concepts, theories and indicators used includes graphs and examples from the real economy illustrating the applicability of concepts, as well as calculations useful for the understanding of formulas and interpretation of results.  The purpose of the book is to develop the economic thinking and to make readers to use scientific knowledge in their own decisions.

The book is directed to students and other readers who have good knowledge in German language and wish to learn economic concepts to be used correctly in communication with German partners. The book may be also useful for foreign students who learn in Romanian according to mobility programs.


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