Macroeconomics for students

Macroeconomics for students

Autors: Marius-Corneliu Marinas

Year of appearance: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-34-0389-7

Size: 21/30 cm

Pages: 175

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In this book the author proposed an attractive approach to the content of the academic discipline of Macroeconomics, in which concepts, macroeconomic phenomena and macroeconomic policy decisions are explained in an applied way on the case of Romania. This textbook is original not only because of the multitude of examples, explanations and solved problems necessary to understand macroeconomic concepts and correlations, but also because of the approximately 40 tables and graphs describing the current situation of the Romanian economy. By going through this work, students will understand not only that the aggregate individual decisions of consumers and firms dictate the pace of economic activity, but also that everything that happens in the economy as a whole also has an impact on individual economic agents. 


Macroeconomics explained in a student-friendly way does not place you in an ivory tower from which to observe certain economic phenomena impassively, but helps you to understand and critically analyse the mechanisms by which influences in the real and financial sector of the economy are transmitted to you. (The author)

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