International financial relations. Key concepts

International financial relations. Key concepts

Autors: Petre Brezeanu

Year of appearance: 2017

ISBN: 978-606-34-0162-6

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The manual suggested by professor Brezeanu, titled "Relations internationales financieres. Concepts cles", is a modern proposition for students studying French language international financial relations field.


This book promotes fundamental issues to finance international, from basic concepts such as: the definition of the exchange rate, the architecture of international financial systems, the presentation of the balance of payments, currency risk, and reaching matters most advanced in the field, such as: management currency risk through the use of appropriate methods of hedging currency risk, interest rate risk management, presentation international investment issues.


At the end of the textbook, the author proposes four chapters of practical work that can check how the reader remember concepts, mechanisms, indicators, the examples proposed in this paper.



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